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What would the feedback in BG3 EA even look like if there wasn't such a clear frame of reference for many of the systems?
I want to naively believe that our feedback would be the same, just with less screenshots and videos of Solasta ... but more verbal description of exactly the same. laugh

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ton of people on both sides accusing each other of being a vocal minority
This is something you can observe in any discusion ...
Even here sometimes.

People tend to believe that their opinion is the right one, and often fail to see how can anyone want something different ... it sucks, but its completely natural. :-/

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It would not give us a FULL control though.
Well ... i believe that to create full control with tons of pop-ups would be possible for some skilled moder ...
Your described method would be imho a little harder to implement ... so if Larian would go that way, i believe we all would eventualy get what we want. laugh

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