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Dear friends, a question for the connoisseurs of the 5th edition of DnD and Solasta. Solasta has a bonus feature that can be selected at level 4, Flawless Concentration (cancel the saving throw to maintain concentration when taking less than 10 damage). The question is how it is implemented in DnD 5 itself, and is there any chance to see something similar in bg 3. IMHO with this feature, playing as a druid becomes much less ass-burning.

Solasta's implementation does have the caveat that any amount of damage of 10 or lower is an automatic concentration success. However for instances where one attack has two types of damage (like Piercing and poison), Solasta considers both of those to be separate attacks, which mean two concentration checks, and perhaps two death saves, from one single attack, which I don't like.

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I gues this is as good topic as any to mention this ...
I was just recently thinking about popular auto/ask/off suggestion ... and while i suported it in the past a lot ... i may have find a tiny detal that can potentialy make quite some mess. :-/

I mean, if it would be universal setting ... and all reactions would be either auto, or asking ... then there is no problem.

But once you set every reaction separately, there is no way to set some on auto, and some to ask ...
Since (and feel free to corect me if im wrong) it would quite suck if you would have Counterspell set on ask ... bcs you dont want to spend your spellslots willy-nilly ... but you cant cast it, when you wanted bcs some enemy allready triggered AOO on your caster, and therefore you have no reaction anymore. O_o


That is one reason why I would either set reactions to off or ask, never auto. But some people seem to want to select "auto" for certain things. "Auto" would be more useful for Fighters who want to either use AoO or Riposte. Auto would probably be less great in many other cases.