So I tried describing something like the above over at Reddit.

The amount of downvotes this is getting along with no one even bothering to reply seems to tell me that people would rather argue about things instead of actually coming up with any solutions at all. It's the ultimate evidence that it's a shit platform for actual feedback and discussion, because whether your ideas are seen at all basically depends on what kinds of people happen to see them first and they effectively decide if it gets an audience at all. I hate that Reddit has effectively replaced proper forums for this reason.

The overall community has quickly spiraled into a lost cause in regards to actual gameplay discussion ever since the patch was released. Maybe we've reached the point where discussion of gameplay has circled down the drain so much that everyone's just tired of hearing about it. Probably one of the negatives of having such a long EA period.

Eh, I should probably just delete that thread and try it again on the weekend when more people are around. A quick glance at the current subreddit activity over the past hour tells me that there's a number of people online on that subreddit right now that seem to treat any suggestion that implies that there's anything inadequate in BG3 like a direct attack on Larian or something.

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