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Or maybe many people don't care about this as much as you do. Always good to reflect.

I certainly think the Solasta method is better, but in terms of stuff BG3 does wrong and should fix it's not top of the list.

Maybe, but there are other threads with people discussing this exact sort of thing that have gotten many upvotes not even a whole 24 hours ago. All I've done is put it into a fully fleshed out format for the sake of gathering feedback in case there were situations I've missed, and to act as a guideline for what Larian might be trying to implement if they happen to see it, or for future mod creators if the game's going to release with the reaction system remaining as is.

Plus whether people care about things is irrelevant anyway. We as mere onlookers are free to prioritize whatever the hell we want, but what we want to prioritize doesn't really matter, when the actual reality is that Larian as developers are fully capable of doing multiple things at once. If only because it's not like the writing staff works on the same things as the gameplay design staff.

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