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The only thing to add is "toggles" in the variation windows if it make sense and a mechanic to select our target (which is something they should add at least for bless/bane/sleep/...)

Of course it would require a bit of job on every reactions. But they'll have to create something anyway.
Selecting our target should work with the current system since we can select to attack. When we cast Shield or Hellish Rebuke we should be able to select the enemy who we want it to trigger with. It would be better than having no control. I still think a toggle system would be best though. And bane, bless, and sleep should have definitely been fixed.

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Maybe, but there are other threads with people discussing this exact sort of thing that have gotten many upvotes not even a whole 24 hours ago. All I've done is put it into a fully fleshed out format for the sake of gathering feedback in case there were situations I've missed, and to act as a guideline for what Larian might be trying to implement if they happen to see it, or for future mod creators if the game's going to release with the reaction system remaining as is.
You probably made all the pixel sex fanatics' heads hurt so they downvoted you. Your idea looks complicated on the outside but it would offer the most flexibility.

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there are audiences that check at different times, and at least a portion of them check based on new posts, regardless of other people's ratings.

I always sort by "New" instead of "Hot". I hate the idea of seeing mostly/only what others have upvoted.
Same here. I cannot stand popularity contests, especially somewhere like Reddit where stupid stuff gets the most upvotes and intelligent stuff gets nothing or downvoted.