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The only thing to add is "toggles" in the variation windows if it make sense and a mechanic to select our target (which is something they should add at least for bless/bane/sleep/...)

Of course it would require a bit of job on every reactions. But they'll have to create something anyway.
Selecting our target should work with the current system since we can select to attack. When we cast Shield or Hellish Rebuke we should be able to select the enemy who we want it to trigger with. It would be better than having no control. I still think a toggle system would be best though. And bane, bless, and sleep should have definitely been fixed.

I think that we should be able, when we CAST the "reaction", to choose which toggle we want to be available on the target.

If I want a combat inspiration for damage roll on Lae'Zel...

Currently :
- cast combat inspiration
- click Lae'zel
- select Lae'zel (=> she has now 5 new toggles)
- toggles OFF 4 reactions

What I'd like :
- cast combat inspiration and select "damage roll" in the variation windows (or "toggle OFF" attack roll, ST, skill check, AC bonus)
- click Lae'zel (=> she has now a single "damage roll" toggle)

This would allow us to go deeper into reaction management on top of being a better gameplay imho.
We'd still don't have a perfect control but at least we could choose what we like during our turns rather than constantly having to toggle OFF options we're not interrested in.

TBH I could live with my Lae'Zel using his bonus to damage roll not to the best target I'd personnaly have chosen if it trigger during the ennemy's turn... But I have a hard time with the "now you have to manage Lae'zels toggles or her bonus is totally out of control".

Depending the reactions we could also be able to target specific ennemies.

In exemple cast "riposte"on my fighter the only variation is the target(s).
A ON/OFF toggle appear on my fighter's hotbar but the reaction will only trigger on the target(s) I've chosen.
If I want to change the target, I just have to "recast" riposte and select another one.

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