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Sounds like you're agreeing with me that such a person is not, in fact, here...
All i can agree on is that i didnt seen him, or her, or it, or w/e else people call themselves today. laugh

Just wanted to point out that your reaction seemed dismissive to me ... like "either show me the person, or stfu" ... not quite this way since i know(?) you are not so straight forward agresive, but simmilar.

That was where my disagreement was ...
Like i dunno ... i was trying to point you that maybe finding single person who wants everything is not so important as to realize that if (or when) you take under concideration wider amount of people, you get close to (even tho maybe not exactly the same) desire that imaginary person would have.
And that was the point ... the desire, not the person.

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I do, indeed, want all of those things you mentioned, personally... and yet I am not a D&D purist
I guess that depend on definition. wink

All we can say for sure it that you wouldnt concider yourself one. laugh

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It's almost like it's supposed to be a game based on an OFFICIAL D&D license, rather than your average backyard table with a million of questionable homebrew rules thrown in for shit and giggles.
I have litteraly no idea what were you trying to say. O_o

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It's somewhat hilarious that all the greatest mechanical improvements we got in EA so far consisted pretty much in Larian reverting some of the most questionable changes they introduced to begin with.
Well ... maybe ...
And maybe my standards were lowered by the time of EA ... but im glad that at least sometimes is our amateur DM willing and able to admit that not all his new ideas are pure gold, and reverts them back or at least closer to RAW. smile

I still dont understand why cant we change Race for our hirelings. frown
Lets us play Githyanki as racist as they trully are! frown