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Do you want the the alternate wording?
It helped, thanks.

But i still dont see relation to what you quoted from me. laugh

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It should stick to the source of the license as close as reasonably possible.
This alone is kinda tricky sentence ...
Since "reasonably" is the part that will (obviously i would say) differ from person to person. smile

But that is the same "based on" topic we had several times ...

And i still believe that it doesnt really matter if Developer refuses to make some mechanic same as it is in tabletop rules, bcs they cant find a way to implement it from technical point of view ... or they can, but dont want to, since they find that way to be boring.
Both can be described as "dont translate well in videogame" ... and that is exactly what we get.

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The point is that the very fact that any major improvement we got so far consisted fundamentally in Larian removing some of their "homebrew" proves that maybe disliking some of their past and current choices is not really about "being a D&D fanatic" and there was something wrong with their decisions.
Oh that ...
Yeah, i agree ... whatever is that worth. laugh

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