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Yey, even more automatic everything ... just click a button (preffered name: Play) and watch! Dont do anything ever again! laugh

Lol. Not exactly. More like set it up ahead of time as opposed to the game pausing, popping up a window and asking you.

But hey. That's more for the folks who hate popups. I, personally, don't mind the Solasta popups as much. Even the paladin Smite, though probably the most frequent, isn't that bad to me. I'd rather have it than no Reactions at all. The popups give full control, and I like that.

But I could live with the ability to preset my Reactions:

Smite Reaction on - Set spell level HP increments - default every 15 HP

Shield spell on - Set to Any Attack or Magic Missile Only

Featherfall on - No preset needed. If you fall, and it's on, it triggers

Gift of Gab - Dialogue reaction spell, so... No need to preset

Absorb Elements on - Set to Any Element or pick which elements you want to trigger the spell. You may already have resistance to fire, for example, so you don't want it to trigger if fire hits you

Hellish Rebuke on - Select specific target(s) using shift key and clicking on target avatar or picture. If you are hit by one of the selected targets, and it's on, it activates.

Silvery Barbs on - Select enemies that trigger it, and select ally to benefit from it. If attacked by one of those enemies, it triggers.

Counterspell - This is the only one that absolutely should have a pop-up. I'm sorry, but it's too varied. I don't even know how you'd properly preset this one. The last thing you want is to waste it on a baby spell on accident when you are saving it for the potential of something more powerful. Multiple mage's... One casts Slow, another Fireball. Ah... But what if the last one casts something like Dimension Door in order to escape and you really don't want that? Too bad, you auto-triggered with one of the other two spells.