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You, as a caster, may often find yourself in situations where, yes, you 'generally' want to use featherfall if someone falls - and you'll generally want to shield magic missile if it's targeted at you, and you might have set to hellishly rebuke only the target with the highest max hp in any given encounter.... but now you're in an encounter with a powerful enemy caster, and what matters is that you *have* your reaction ready to counterspell them if they use one of their nasty spells - so you don't want to shield that magic missile from a minion, and you won't featherfall your ally falling 15 feet off the ledge to the lower level, because it's not as important as stopping that disintegrate if and when it comes out, and you don't want to be without your reaction if it does...
Exactly the point i was trying to make with auto/ask/off and seting some reactions on auto. :-/

Sooner or later every player would get to the point where they would understand that everything ask is basicaly the only way. laugh

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A huge popup with 5 targets ?
Souds good to me ...
I mean this was allways the idea in my mind ... after all, if you can make multiple reactions at the same time ... why separate them to multiple pop-ups? O_o

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But what would happen in a game that is totally unable to manage a real pause ? (and that dont want at all to deal with pause for multiplayer purpose).
Puting aside fact that bug, where timed-spells expire prematurely if your turn took too long ...
The game actualy is in pause any and every time you are on your turn ... isnt it? O_o

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What in multiplayer when someone has to click yes/no ?
What about it? O_o
Its the exactly same situation as when there is their turn.

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Will the second player see every ennemies moving in place until the first player click the popup ? (Like in solasta)
That sounds like reasonable expectation.

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Will the second be able to "break" the game and engage the ennemies frozen by popup with a hidden character or an arrow ?
Unless Larian implement area of combat ...
Most likely, but you dont need reactions for this exploit, so ... if that doesnt bother Larian in regular turns, why it should bother them in enemy turns?

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I still dont understand why cant we change Race for our hirelings. frown
Lets us play Githyanki as racist as they trully are! frown