At this point I pretty much gave up on the idea of Larian ever testing anything in this area.
But I would be glad if at very least they could be kind enough to remove the HARD CODED restrictions they put in place here and there.

I'm playing once again with the "save hack" to allow a party of six characters and you have these occasional bottlenecks like when you take the boat in the underdark where they automatically kill the two extra characters you have during the cutscene.
The workaround is to remove from your party two companions BEFORE taking the boat, and then group them again.

Not a big problem in itself, but I can see it becoming one if they keep doing this in other places going forward.


Not to go on a tangent, but out of boredom with how little they introduced in the updates of the vanilla game, yesterday I started to fool around with some mods.

I installed some stuff that added more levels, more spells, revamped a couple of classes and added a subclass in particular (Hexblade).
I have to say I'm impressed. I never touched this stuff so far because I expected for it to be in a much rougher state, but in reality most of it already feels almost impossible to tell apart from the native content.
Not even sure what parts of this additional content are datamined and what are custom made, so far.

If this is the level that can be achieved now with an almost complete lack of dedicate tools, it bodes reasonably well for the future.

Still, please, for the love of god (or whatever other fictional entity you are into), I know that expecting some modder to remove the toilet chain is just asking too much, but can someone come up with a way to change the stupid default formation?
I have that default wide pyramidal formation with fierce passion.

Party control in Baldur's Gate 3 is a complete mess that begs to be addressed. SAY NO TO THE TOILET CHAIN