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Of course they know. They just don't care and think we are in the wrong.
It's funny because if it was a matter of "what the majority prefers" it was incredibly easy to put it to the test: just add the option early in the EA process and track data of what most players would go for. We suggested this and they didn't do it.

Same with the chain system to control the full party: it's terrible and one of the most widely unpopular things I've ever seen in any game, but somehow they are absolutely adamant even in the face of overwhelming evidence that there's something good there.
Well, we don't know if they are contemplating any solutions as Larian's lack of communication is a source of so many problems that the company could've been without. And I just don't find the argument about balancing convincing when Larian has confirmed that you can roll for stats (something that I personally prefer over point buy, but realizes that this will throw a monkey wrench in the balancing department).

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