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The body model and its proportions are adult: they have defined and developed hips, developed breasts and fully elongated limbs comparative to their torso; juveniles do not have these features. In order to infantalise this model you have to actively ignore all of these details, or pretend you don't see them.

Sorry but the proportions are human child proportions with slightly exaggerated secondary sexual characteristics, i.e. larger hips and chest area, and slightly longer legs as per standard anime designs. Which is... even weirder to me to be presented as a desirable example here.
I have a lot of problems with BG3 halflings too, but this example is not a great one.

I think Larian did the halfling models in a way we got as to make them look okay in the romantic scenes. Anything smaller would present serious size discrepancies. The only solution I could see that would make it look better and account for all the romance stuff is reduce the head and maybe make the hands a little shorter, same for gnomes actually.

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I played Beyond Divinity when the game came out. Your gender could be male, female or child. Hah, ofc I had to play as a kid! My kid was chained to the Black Knight and we were a mass-murdering duo. Woohoo!

Except in Beyond Divinity it mostly affected the height of your sprite, which you could barely see when you started the game because it was all pixels. I played the kid there as well, it was fun. But then again Beyond Divinity was released in 2002, games were less censored back then.

But we're not even talking about playing as a kid, we're talking about full-fledged adult races that just happen to be really short, and that also need to be accounted for to have some rather explicit scenes with full-fledged adult NPCs.

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