Yeah, I think I've played pretty much every crpg set in the Forgotten Realms. I remember the Neverwinter Nights Gold Box in 1991. The one that had the Clyde Caldwell illustration on the cover. It featured a hooded halfling sporting double daggers and showing off his fuzzy foot on the rock lol. They flipped the image for the SSI game, centered on the babe with the sword, but he's definitely there in the lower left. They used the same painting for the cover of the AD&D 2nd ed "Rogues Gallery." That guy was basically the quintessential 2e Halfling.

The post 3e Halfings like the Halflings from NWN2 that you mentioned are what I think many here would prefer. I'd be happy with that. Still I think they can go quite tiny and it'd work fine. I don't think they should be any taller than 3 ft at the most, with normal proportions and ditch the bobble head.