*shrug* this is a public forum, people are allowed to agree or disagree, especially when it comes to questions like this one.

Nobody is infantilizing anybody here, but people have different opinions on how they perceive things, which doesn’t make them any less valid. For example I draw a lot, and I look at people anatomy on the daily basis, and yes that includes children as well.
There is a trend that is very specific to Asian rpgs and mmos, they design a lot of their smaller races to look cute-sy and childlike. Which is fine, but what passes and is acceptable in an Asian mmo/rpg, might never pass in a Western game, especially not when it requires certain scenes which Larian decided to go with. Its fine to consider them adults, but its also fine to have a cognitive dissonance in your brain when looking at them.

Back on topic: I think the biggest problem with the model is the large head. Its the head's comparison to a human head, as well as large limbs are what really bothers me. So perhaps if they made the head smaller and maybe hands and palms smaller, then the model would be a little better. Or you could even shrink the model to make the head fit human size and it would already make it visually better imo.
I actually like gnome models even less than halflings, because, the size of bodily protrusions aide their arms are way too long. It looks like a conscious design choice so it’s probably there to stay.

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