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I've been playing The Quarry on PS5 which is basically a game of quick time events and it got me thinking about reactions. I think others have suggested this before, but what if reactions played out more like a QTE? Zoom in on the character as the attack comes hurdling towards them in slow motion. Then all available reaction options show up on screen to choose from with a clock/timer winding down. It would make reactions a little flashier than a simple popup and maybe add a little gamification of trying to decide what to do before the timer runs out. I don't know if that would get annoying if it happened constantly but... just a thought.

Sure... I mean almost anything is better than what they have now. But I have, for the longest time, proposed that they leave us with OPTIONS in the end. Either you can have it as it is now, or we can have something akin to what you mentioned, or we can have it like in Solasta.