Yeah, Lotro has held up surprisingly well, given how old it is ^.^

But in regards to the concept of small sized characters in romance scenes, I was actually referring to the thread specifically abut that, and the challenges it presents (with the aim at giving Larian everything they need to get them right). This thread here: Focused Examination: Intimate Choreography with Small-sized Characters

It's a mature-themed thread, though, and it talks about sex and intimacy, with respect to positioning, choreography and scene-shooting, in a tactful and tasteful, but still up-front, manner, so it may not be everyone's cup of tea. Rather than trying to read that thread directly, though, if you are interested, I'd recommend you (and anyone else) to drop me a message for a link to the unedited version of it - the mods had to remove the images that accompanied the discussion, and it's hard to wrap your head around it and follow along without them.

I'll leave that for now that, since it's a separate topic ^.^