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The issue in your exemple (it is an issue with the current system, definitely!) is probably one of the easiest to solve : Just "cast AOO" with the target "ogre" during Lae'zel's turn.
That absolutely SUCKS, by the way. Far more than being "slowed" by a pop-up.

Just another POV : No, it doesn't.

Rather than just answering a popup (which totally suck gameplay-wise), you have to think about your reactions during your turns and "cast them".

You manage your action, your bonus action, and eventually depending the situation you also check/manage/re-"cast" your reactions.

It's way more entertaining to me than constant popup breaking the flow of combats and/or ridiclous animations that will break immersion even more.

@GM : no, you wouldn't have to remember everything.
That's what a UI is also usefull for.

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