You never forget your actions and bonus actions. Why would you "have to remember" about your reactions ?
Because you're used to Dnd ?

(Ofc, you should consider that reactions would not be hidden anymore... I totally forget them too currently but I dont necessarily need a popup to think about them)

I'm mostly sure most of us never experienced all the exemples attempting to prove that "popup is the only way" in solasta. (exemples I agreed with previously, but things have changed in patch8).

Originally Posted by GM4
There is simply too much to manage up front and remember each turn

Too much ? Can you please give me the worst exemple of a class that have "so much reactions to manage" ?

I can think of wizards of course that could have to deal with shield, counterspell, feather fall (depending the situation) and AOO (mostly useless) at the same time.

Ofc I dont know DnD very well. Is there a worst exemple ?

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