You're right, it's something they have to think about.

But I'm not sure what you consider negative would really be... or at least I really think many players could see it as positive.

Is it boring when someone can cast an action, a bonus actions AND cutting words ? Would it be more boring if he could eventually spend 6 more seconds to wisely choose more than only one targets (maybe talking about it with his friends to find the better solution according to all of them).

Sure, you dont choose your targets for hellish rebuke. Would it really be negative if someone would EVENTUALLY takes 3 more seconds to choose his targets ?

I really dont think so...

What about the wizard a the beginning of a combat next to a hole...
- Feather fall vs all allies
- Shield vs 3 ennemies
- Counterspell vs the ennemy caster but only vs spells lvl 3+

Next turn you may have to re-manage one of them.
One more the next turn, eventually.
And the combat is over.

You've probably spended 60 seconds of real gameplay with a class that have the biggest variety of reactions.
You could also only spend 5 more seconds if you just want to enjoy the cheap system we currently have.

Don't get me wrong, I'll be happy with popup. It's a great solution to have a good DnD experience.
But while I'd LOVE to see some kind of reactions in most upcoming TB games I'll play... popup is definitely not a mechanic that will create a lot of hype for such a system.

Originally Posted by Tuco
Originally Posted by GM4Him
Yeah. I gotta agree. Pre-planning all your reactions is going to be a lot more of a pain in the butt in the long run, and for what? Just so you don't get a popup when a reaction could potentially be triggered?
Imagine the amount of minutes WASTED in total, over an entire playthrough, when at every turn you'll have to spend a certain amount of time pre-planning to react to things that may as well never happen. selecting specific target that may as well never do what you were expecting them to, only to spare yourself the "trouble" of doing something like "Left click to confirm, Right click to pass" when a reaction comes out.

You would not have to spend time at every turn, thats just in your head.

On one hand "you"'re trying to say that there are SOOOO many reactions to manage and on the other one that popup doesnt appear SOOOO often and that its not so annoying...

There are not so many reactions to manage in DnD.
The 10 seconds wasted to click "no" 10 times is just wasted 2 times * 5 seconds to plan your reaction at the begining of a combat.

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