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Case in point: I set my counterspell on a caster, and then this caster decides to use a cantrip or do a staff melee attack, while the OTHER caster in the same fight goes for a fireball. How is that any better than the dumb toggle system we have currently, in the end?

First of all... Why the hell would you only plan counterspell VS a single caster if there are 2 of them ?
Maybe I could just target both of them and tell the game to trigger the reaction against lvl 3+ spells ?
(because for this specific spells its something we should be able to custom. At least we do it once in the variation window then the game keep our preferences in mind so I don't have anything to change but the targets during all my playthrough)

But maybe one of them is a boss ? If the boss is attacking first I'll target both. If not I think I'll only target the boss... Hard choice !
What would you do if the minion is casting a lightning arrows first ? yes ? no ? You should probably have clicked no because the boss is now casting a fireball... Hopefully I've only chosen to target the boss !

Giving specific exemples to make your point more valuable doesn't make sense.
We all know that pops up give you more control. But in the end I don't care of having FULL control because it doesn't mean that you are bound to make the best choices.

I just want to have fun with my class features/spells and I had more fun casting one more things during my turn in BG3 than I ever have when I clicked "yes" in Solasta.

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