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First of all... Why the hell would you only plan counterspell VS a single caster if there are 2 of them ?
Maybe I could just target both of them and tell the game to trigger the reaction against lvl 3+ spells ?

For the third time: THIS IS NOT JUST A TARGET SELECTION ANYMORE, this becomes a system of "conditional" scripting. Which (AS I ALREADY POINTED) is more effective* but also exponentially more slow and complex to set up.

*also, arguably STILL not as effective as having just direct control over every reaction in several scenarios.

Are you guys genuinely failing to notice that all these "solutions" are significantly worse than the "problem" they are trying to address?

Your "clever trick" to avoid clicking on two or three confirmations prompts in one turn basically involves taking minutes predicting and planning an entirely hypothetical scenario and then setting a script for it.
Sometime even setting MULTIPLE possible reactions per character.

And then crossing fingers because things could still turn out to be very different.

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