Seriously don't make me laugh.... what is so complicated and takes so many time ?

Everything is toggled ON by default, you just have to remove level 1 and 2 spells (and 0, I forget them on the picture) ONCE then the game keeps your preferences in mind.
Next time you'll click on counterspell you'll just check and click "manual" target to select them.

I'd say it's more intuitive than complicated...

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To Tuco's point, if you select both spellcasters, but one uses Magic Missile while the other uses Fireball, if you do presets, and the Magic Missile mage goes first, you waste Counterspell on Magic Missile. Then the Fireball mage sends his Fireball at you. You have to make sure that you set it not only to trigger on the Leader but also on certain spells. You have to have very specific presets.

Another example. You set your Counterspell to Level 3 or higher spells and you target 2 Mages and 1 Cleric. The cleric goes first and casts Beacon of Hope. You Counterspell it. Mage 2 goes and casts Fireball. Mage 3 goes and casts Fireball. You COULD have stopped at least 1 of the 2 Fireballs, but you actually stopped the Beacon of Hope spell because you chose Level 3 or higher spells, 2 Mages and 1 Cleric.

But, what if the Cleric actually cast a spell that you did want to block, like Mass Healing Word to heal up a bunch of his allies near him? Well, then you'd still want to make sure you had him included in your list of enemies. You wouldn't want to just have the mages. You'd want to stop that healing.

The point is, the presets might require too many nuances to make them effective. That's the flaw with the system. For Counterspell, you'd have to probably pick the select spells you'd want to actually counter. You wouldn't want to counter Beacon of Hope or Major Image, but you'd want to counter Melf's Minute Meteors, and Fireball, and Lightning Bolt, and maybe Pulse Wave, and... The list would just go on and on.

I agree GM.
IF the cleric doesn't do this.
IF the first mages does this.
IF the cleric is the first one in the initiative order.
IF the second mage is ...

You don't know what the next ennemy is going to do and what's gonna happen in a system or another...
Yes, you'll have more control over time with pops-up but it doesn't prevent you at all to make mistakes. It doesn't matter in the end. You don't HAVE to make THE BEST reactions choices to enjoy and to beat Solasta.

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