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Seriously don't make me laugh.... what is so complicated and takes so many time ?

Everything is toggled ON by default, you just have to remove level 1 and 2 spells (and 0, I forget them on the picture) ONCE then the game keeps your preferences in mind.
Next time you'll click on counterspell you'll just check and click "manual" target to select them.

I'd say it's more intuitive than complicated...

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Except your implementation doesn't account for:
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Another example. You set your Counterspell to Level 3 or higher spells and you target 2 Mages and 1 Cleric. The cleric goes first and casts Beacon of Hope. You Counterspell it. Mage 2 goes and casts Fireball. Mage 3 goes and casts Fireball. You COULD have stopped at least 1 of the 2 Fireballs, but you actually stopped the Beacon of Hope spell because you chose Level 3 or higher spells, 2 Mages and 1 Cleric.

But, what if the Cleric actually cast a spell that you did want to block, like Mass Healing Word to heal up a bunch of his allies near him? Well, then you'd still want to make sure you had him included in your list of enemies. You wouldn't want to just have the mages. You'd want to stop that healing.
Also, you wouldn't want to have the same preferences every combat, let alone every turn. There might be only 1 enemy caster in which case you'd want to counterspell any spell above level 1. Or there might be multiple enemy casters, so you only want to counterspell spells of level 3+. Or there might be an ogre who would deal a lot of damage, so you'd want to save your reaction to Shield a hit coming your way, so maybe you'd turn off Counterspell. Even if the enemies don't change, the # of slots you have changes and thus so would your strategy. So even if the game saves your preferences, you'd still constantly be making changes.

Edit: It's not about making the "best" decisions. It's about having Full Control over your characters, also considering time required to give a certain level of control.

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