Stuff like this is why my suggestion a few pages back allows you to automate away prompts for situations in which you wouldn't want to use the reaction anyway, while still prompting you in more nuanced situations in which you would want to consider using the reaction. And it also allows for full automation for people who don't really want to put much thought into things, and the option to quickly switch into or remove full automation without having to mess with your custom settings every single time.

It's literally just Solasta system, but customizable. The game would already have to check for conditions to trigger the reactions to begin with (and Solasta itself won't actually ask you for reactions in situations where said reaction won't make any difference at all, like how it won't prompt you for Shield if an enemy already rolled too low for an attack to hit to begin with, or if an enemy rolls too high for Shield to work - incidentally, even BG3 doesn't check for contextual conditions, already immediately blowing Bardic/Combat Inspiration die whether they would have mattered or not). All my suggestion would do is to give the option to let people disable prompts for specific conditions or automate everything if they wish.

The correct approach to reactions shouldn't be to automate the system as much as possible, it should focus on retaining strategic choice first and then automate away redundant situations afterwards.

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