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I made a quick photoshop image for visual example of what we were talking about, that when a reaction opportunity occurs, player can immediately choose their reaction, or press spacebar to skip (to be consistent with spacebar skipping in dialogue, cinematics etc). Ideally available reactions would be immediately and dynamically represented in the react option with a much prettier UI design than I could ever do.

Screenshot from feedback doc if you'd like to expand on and comment for further iteration.

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]
That's basically the same thing I suggested for a while (and other people with me, not pretending the exclusive there).
And I made the same argument about the reaction needing to be more a confirmation prompt rather than a crude pop-up a million times.

Personally I'd go for something even more immediate like "left click to confirm, right click to skip" (and of course, the possibility to bind both to two alternate keyboard presses just as a backup option, like Y/N or ENTER/SPACE).
And I'd be a bit more "flashy" with the presentation, in general. I.e. Camera quickly zooming in on the character at the center of the screen and slowing down the action to an alt waiting for confirmation.

But once again we are basically arguing flavor at this point, the core system remains fundamentally the same: asking each time a confirmation of the reaction.
THEN eventually giving to the people who hate to actually play games the option to skip and automatize the process, I guess.

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