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As I posted in the other thread (I think. Honestly I've lost track at this point), I want zero time-dependent things in my TB mode.
Well, what you prefer is a bit beyond the point. There are no two ways around it: if you want an ability that can affect basically anything going on in the game you either need the option to "call a time out" and stop things on the fly OR you'll have to change how the ability works.

The other option would be asking for confirmation after every single other roll is made, but I don't I need to explain to you why that would be ridiculous.
No, it's exactly on-point. I am providing feedback about what I want along with (in my opinion) a reasonable explanation, just as you are. The game is TB -> there should be no time-dependent mechanics, at least not while in TB mode.

I agree that there's essentially only 3 ways of implementing such an ability, and I agree that asking for confirmation after every single roll is terrible. But between "call a time out" and "change how the ability works," my +1 is for the latter.

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I hope a similar system gets implemented for Bardic Inspiration, though it wouldn’t work for Portent. But if I understand mrfuji correctly, Portent isn’t in the player’s handbook, which neatly solves any technical issue by not being implemented in the first place.
Not exactly. Portent IS in the PHB but it isn't in the basic rules, which is why *Solasta* cannot use it with their limited license. Larian, however, has the full D&D license for BG3 so they can and should implement some version of the Divination Wizard with Portent