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You can call it a "prompt" rather than popup if it pleases you all but the result is mostly the same.

We'll just have to manually react this prompt each time to pause the game and read "a popup" (called micro action bar in The Composer's feedback doc) just to understand what every prompt is about...

Then we'll also have to choose the target if there are multiple ones, switch to our companions tab, select the spell level,...

*As you point out, Max, you might need to select a level for your spell. The current level icons work fine for me; I could see the prompt show the Counterspell icon on the top left corner, then three buttons: level 3, level 4, ignore. One click and you’re done.

Yeah then there's the multiple reactions during the same ennemys turn, E.G AOO from 2 characters.
Click yes/no for the first one. Click yes/no for the second + eventually enable his smite + choose the spellslot.

Always click "react" to understand what the prompt is about + having to manage a few things. It really looks like Solasta but with an additionnal real time element.

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What if I preset AOO to hit targets A and B, but then something happend during the combat (before my reaction) and now I wouldn't want to aoo target A, but instead would aoo target C

How many times while playing have you think "oh damn, I'd really love to have full control because the situation changed so much now that this goblins has moved!" ?

We currently have 0 control and it doesnt have a huge impact on the outcome of combats. I'm all for a better control ofc but having the full DnD flexibility is only necessary to be faithfull to DnD.

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