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It could be just that simple if they use the prompt method.
I really hope something like this makes it into BG3.

I still think a blend of presets and the prompts is probably the way to go. Some Reactions really are quite basic and could easily be managed via presets as mentioned above with AOO. With just a few basic presets, the game could manage a number of your Reactions for you to cut down on the prompts so combat isn't so choppy.

Like Uncanny Dodge, which is my next preset to go over.

Uncanny Dodge presets - All Enemies (Default); Enemies Damage > X (you set the amount of damage the enemy deals to the rogue that would trigger); Selected Target(s); Off

Similar to Special Abilities, the default would be to cut damage in half for whoever hits the rogue first. I mean, if 4 enemies are fighting you, you are only likely to have 1 or 2 attack the rogue per turn. So why wouldn't you want it to trigger on any enemy?

Well, if you are in a larger fight with a boss and mini bosses, then maybe you want to not have it trigger on minions who only deal maybe 10 off at a time. You would likely want it to only trigger on the bigger enemies who could deal 20 or even 30 damage.

This is why the other presets are available. You don't want to halve an attack that only does 4 damage. You want to halve the attack that does 40 damage. So, you either specifically set your Uncanny Dodge targets who can trigger the Reaction or you set a specific damage amount.

I set the damage amount to 15. Phase Spider does 15 damage. It doesn't trigger and rogue takes full damage. Matriarch shows up and hits, dealing 36 damage in a single hit. Uncanny Dodge triggers, reducing it to 18. Rogue is still standing.

I would think that would cover most of the potential scenarios for when a player would actually want to use Uncanny Dodge. I mean, most players would actually base whether they use their Reaction for it on how much the enemy is taking off their rogue. Right?