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I mean, I would GLADLY take a reaction every turn if the occasion presents itself, though.
What I don't want is planning ahead for the chance of a reaction that may or may not even present itself.

What we're suggesting is more like this:

AOO is set to All Enemies by default. Oh wait. I'm in a battle against Ragzlin and like a dozen cultists. On Lae'zel's turn, I switch AOO to only trigger on Ragzlin because he's the only person I want her to AOO against of every enemy near Lae'zel. From that moment on in that battle, Ragzlin is the only target she will AOO until I switch the preset again.

Later, he isn't even near her, so I switch it back to All Enemies so at least she uses it on someone. It's as simple as that.

And I'm still thinking that some reactions would still require a pause and choice, like Counterspell. I can't just set a preset on that based on level because then my mage might waste it on some baby spell like Bless at level 3 as opposed to Fireball.

I'm just saying that some Reactions could be presets and some more complicated could be prompts. This would drastically cut down on how many times the Combat is interrupted by prompts.