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I realize you just don't want to accept my word for it, but I have to insist:
I'd still prefer to be prompted on a case-by-case basis (and let's be real, it's not like you get FIVE chances at AoO in each turn to begin with) while reacting to things that actually happen rather then wasting more than 2 seconds setting up a "precog reaction" for something that in the end never happens.

And when I say "I prefer it" I don't mean "It's a tough choice but in the end I had to make a pick".
I mean by a wide margin. Not even close. A complete no contest.

Like, I'd ENJOY being prompted a reaction and getting a chance to make a decision on the spot, while conversely I'd rather keep the automated reactions we have now rather than having in place a system where I'm supposed to set up impromptu scripts predicting what's to come.

Seriously, at least as long as we are talking about something basic like AoO and not a counterspell, so with no waste of finite resources involved, I'll stick with "toggle for automation" over "preplanning".

No. I get it. I am just trying to think outside the prompt method. I'm trying to give the preset a chance.

I don't think Solasta's pop-up approach is bad at all except it's a bit annoying with my Paladin Smite. That's really the only one. Uncanny Dodge is also a smidge annoying because both of these happen more frequently. But dang would I put up with those 2 if a better solution cannot be found.

I'm just saying that the preset method, I think anyway, wouldn't be that much more difficult to do and it might still accomplish the same thing. We wouldn't really know until we tested it, and I'd be interested in testing it to see if it would work.

But heck yeah. If we tested it and found it took a lot to preset reactions, and it was simply too easy to forget, like Passive Mode, aid prefer the prompt method. I suspect that is probably the case, but I'd be willing to at least test the preset method.

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