Hi!, been playing since first day and all i can say, 5 custom is a must pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee, it's so sad to get an item and not having the clase to use it =(, there's so many items that go to waste just because not enough party members to use them!!!. it's so uninmmersive to go back to camp and change party members because i needed a specific race or class to continue on that one specific quest =(.., since all origins have their own story, but i wanna experience the bg3 story, not theirs, i mean, i while in the meanwhile, but the core is the baldurs gate stuff, and i'll have to make a charisma char because of persuasions which is the most important, so that only leaves three-four classes okish for a face, i could certainly adapat every class and race to it but it wouln't be as powerful in battle and just be a drag after a while, and it's really supposed to be a dnd game, it has felt very strange to have 4 people only, most stories go along with 5 or 6.
Origin characters are ok but """""
i just really trust lae'zel, the other ones i would certainly kill for gear or just ditch, because they keep lying and just mind their own little problems outside their damn heads, in which the only one really trying to help is lae'zel, which is the one with the baddest luck in the group.
"""" they need to be more present in the party while in the world, just 3 is not enough for them to interact, they feel empty and without nothing interesting to say most of the times., and they only start to speak when interesting stuff is happening around,