As someone who thought playing a party of four paladins would be neat in Solasta, I can see both sides of the argument there.

Larian's chief concern here seems to be avoiding anything that breaks the flow of combat, in order to make it go as quick as possible, so any kind of pop-up system that would pause the game doesn't seem to be in the offing.

I'm sorry if this idea came up before, it's a little similar the QTE suggestion, but a compromise might be locking the camera to the opponent's turn and having a button appear above them, that if it, or the spacebar were held down would pause the game, and bring up a dropdown telling you what the action is, and who is in range with what reaction, most people following the combat will know what they're looking for, so it wouldn't disrupt combat unnecessarily.

There, we can put this to bed finally.

Larian will let us act during the enemy turn eventually, right?

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