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Larian's chief concern here seems to be avoiding anything that breaks the flow of combat, in order to make it go as quick as possible, so any kind of pop-up system that would pause the game doesn't seem to be in the offing.

I understand if this is something Larian is concerned about, and I'm pretty much in the acceptance stage in regards to knowing that proper reactions aren't making it into this game. But I sincerely wish they would have actual consistency in applying that kind of philosophy to literally everything else in the game as well.

Why are there so many empty containers? Why does every single NPC need a special close-up cinematic even if they only have one sentence to say? Why is it even necessary to have so many random junk items like forks and plates that only sell for 1 gold each, and then not automatically mark them as junk items to be mass sold in bulk? How come when food items are sent to camp storage, we still need to fish them out of said storage to even use them to long rest? What the actual hell is the chain system even supposed to achieve compared to a simple click and drag thing that literally every other developer uses?

Isn't stuff like that even more disruptive to the overall pacing of the game than reactions theoretically are? It's just, stuff like this is something any other cRPG developer would get absolutely raked over the coals for, and yet it somehow feels like the BG3 community lives in a completely separate dimension from the rest of the cRPG enthusiast community in how much they are willing to tolerate or ignore.

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