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You are mistaken. a vocal minority is not a vast majority.
No, I'm not.
You have just to check any discussion pretty much anywhere, especially on places with explicit visible user rating like reddit, to see that every suggestion to imitate the Solasta reaction system is drowned in upvotes while the opposite happens to guys like you who love to complain about how "bad" Solasta is.
And that's true EVEN in a fanboy den like the BG3 subreddit, where opinions are OVERWHELMINGLY over-defensive in favor of Larian on average.

Last but not least, I'll stress that I chose my words very deliberately there: "the vast majority of players who are familiar with both". Meaning "players who actually had their chances to play both games for a meaningful amount of time".
It doesn't mean your random-ass clueless casual guy picked gods-know-where to give some impromptu feedback, maybe based on sensations and first impressions.

P.S. Any argument about the problems with the things that Solasta DID NOT adapt is intrinsically stupid to use against what they successfully implemented, by the way.
As I already pointed in the past, few specific abilities being an issue and requiring either a custom solution or a revamp does not work as a reason to ditch the entire reaction system, even if you seem to think otherwise.

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