OK. Let's face it. Larian is looking to do something for reactions that won't create popups/prompts or whatever you want to call them. If they were just looking to go the Solasta route, they'd have implemented it a long time ago.

I mean, it's all my best guess and all, but I'm thinking that the reason we haven't gotten true reactions in BG3 is because they are attempting to come up with a preset-style solution so combat will be quick and crisp without interruption. That's part of why I'm even spending time trying to figure out how to make presets as simple as possible. I figure that Larian would probably rather avoid even including Reactions at all than to have it mess up the flow of the combat.

Still, I have to agree with Tuco. There really are ways to make the prompts quick, which Composer kinda showed us, and I think it was Tuco mentioned (left click to React and right click to skip; you wouldn't even need to click on an on screen button).

Seriously, a prompt doesn't occur THAT often in Solasta for most classes and their abilities. It's not like enemies are triggering AOO every round or triggering Counterspell every round. Like I said, Paladin Smite pops up a bit too much, and Uncanny Dodge almost once a round IF you get your rogue into close range or there are archers. But, again, like someone said, if you use Uncanny Dodge on the first enemy who attacks you, it doesn't pop up again. It's rather unusual, too, that you'd NOT use it on the first enemy. And, if you don't use it on the first enemy to attack you, why is that? It's because the game asked you, and YOU decided that you should hold off. If you don't get a prompt, YOU wouldn't decide such a thing at all. The game would.

Anyway, I'm still going to try to work on developing an idea for presets just because - well, I'm bored and I find it interesting - maybe Larian needs a bit of help in this regard. So, why not at least try?

Shoot. If we are able to come up with something that they develop and let us test it and find that it actually makes the game faster and more fun, why shouldn't we at least try something besides prompts? Now's the time for testing. If Larian were to put out a Preset Reactions system in Patch 9 for us to test for them, I'd be 100% for it. Let's give it a go - as long as they give us at least the prompt system should player feedback show them that we, the player base, do in fact hate the preset system.

Are you guys seriously not open to at least trying some sort of preset system?