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Anyway, I'm still going to try to work on developing an idea for presets just because - well, I'm bored and I find it interesting - maybe Larian needs a bit of help in this regard. So, why not at least try?
Are you guys seriously not open to at least trying some sort of preset system?
Presets could be better than the current system. The main offense of the current BG3 reaction system is that the game automatically uses the first applicable reaction but most reaction abilities aren't modified for this uncertainty. This unfortunately also holds true for some BG3 non-reaction abilities that, in 5e RAW, allow the player freedom on when to activate (e.g., Bardic Inspiration). This can be solved with prompts -- my preferred solution -- but also with a preset system with **appropriately modified abilities**.

Cutting Words is a good example of an ability modified for Larian's "first applicable use" system. Instead of lowering one roll of choice, instead it lowers all rolls for a round. We've traded the ability to specifically negate one single attack for the reduced chances to hit with possibly multiple attacks. It still uses your Reaction, but it does so on your terms.
Bardic Inspiration, however, is strictly nerfed compared to PnP. You don't have a choice when to use that d6, so it's very likely it will be used in a situation where 1d6 won't affect the roll.

IF Larian is going to continue with this "first applicable use" system for activating reactions & other abilities, then the best option imo is probably a preset system where these abilities are modified to be more powerful to compensate for the lack of precision when to use. E.g.,
- Make Bardic Inspiration apply to all rolls for the next round, or maybe to the next 3 rolls.
- Make Counterspell castable on your turn, using your reaction and the spellslot, and it works on the next single leveled spell or next 2 cantrips. Maybe it stays active for a 2nd turn if no spells (or a single cantrip) is cast during the first turn, but your reaction on the 2nd turn isn't used up.
Something like this.