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Regardless, they did not just include Swarm AI for its effects to be negated by everyone having to do pop-ups.

- The yare not mutually exclusive ("Swarm AI" just moves unities in group and still does attacks individually).

- They don't need to be "pop-ups", there are smoother ways to do prompt confirmation, including ones that take virtually no interruption if the player is quick on the click.

No, they aren't but common sense is a thing. If Swarm AI exists for multiple enemies to go at once, how can you have pop-ups that go out to a Bard for instance to react to 5 different enemies that are going in rapid succession.

What would the point of Swarm AI even be created for if the game is going to be eventually changed to pause after every attack for player input?

This is where reasoning comes into play. Larian has ZERO intention of delivering what people are asking for, and this is something I want as well.

However, we have to transition to a practical solution. And that is why I said we should just be able to have access to the characters when it isn't our turn and be able to only use the Reactions then.

The game is being shopped for playtesting for the full game and Swen said they are moving to polishing the game and working toward official release. What good does it do to still sit and theorycraft about Solasta Reactions when it's clear it's beyond Larian's capabilities with what they built.

What we have could be improved upon marginally if you could change Reactions and use them while you're waiting for others. This way, you could at least have LIMITED control over something like Hellish Rebuke, etc.