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I love mods, and developers that embrace modding could see their games live on long past their prime, for example Skyrim.
But mods shouldn't be a band-aid to fix problems/shortcomings that should have been fixed by the developers in the first place. Again see Skyrim.
Just quoting for truth.

Two years later, and most model problems are still there: the ugly, un-elven male elves & tiny-eyed, square-jawed female elves.

I'm 100% sure Larian can use real people presets AND modify the model - halfling eye proportions are proof of that; and at this point it's just stubborness. frown

Ok, at least elves got their individual animations...
...but somehow I think adding and testing a whole set of new animations should be harder than tweaking a few faces, swapping them around (half-elves to elves), or making everything available to every race.
Since Tav could use both male and female hairstyles in the last patch, it looks to me that these things aren't hardcoded, rather, someone could uncheck some check that links specific heads to specific races.

And now we can add gnomes to the pointy-eared problem. (Half of those heads contradict both the text description of gnomes and the previous, well-established art... and this is when they had 2 extra years to add lore-consistent models... And don't get me started on the fact that Drow are called Drow, Duergar are called Duergar... but Svirfneblin are Deep Gnomes because it's not like consistency is a concept that exists cry)