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The existing elven heads are pretty...I wouldn't debate that... but there's nothing to distinguish them from half elven or human heads aside from ear shape. You could put all of the elven, human, and half-elf heads into the same pool and nobody would be able to tell which is which. Some minor changes, particularly to eye size and shape would go a long way towards making elven faces not interchangeable with half elves.

This. For me it doesn't matter that they are pretty, what matters is that they don't look like elves. Well, atleast they don't look like DnD elves. If this game was based on LotR...Larian would be spot on. But it's not. We're not in Arda, we're in Forgotten Realms.
Then again, even if Larian won't change the looks for elves or other races that imo look too human, it won't stop me from playin the game. What will is dirty faces. Just can't stand it. But now I'm heading off topic.