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And if you *don't* want presets? I'm happy for those who want to fiddle with/configure them, but personally I would prefer to have 100% control over all my reactions (as I do at a game table). So all the above is fine, as long as those who want the 'hassle' or managing reactions can still do so.

IF the presets can do the job for me satisfactorily, I'd personally like them. Faster combat and no popups or prompts.

Think about it. Let's say later in the game you face mage's - 4 of them, and you have Counterspell. Round 1. Mage 1 casts Darkness. Popup. Counterspell? No. Mage 2 casts Magic Missile. Counterspell? No. Mage 3 casts Barkskin. Counterspell? No. Mage 4 casts Fireball. Counterspell. Finally. Yes!

Or. Same scenario with presets. No popups and pauses. Gets to Mage 4s turn and my mage casts Counterspell based on presets I set. Same result. More fluid combat.

And if the presets are simple and easy to set up...
And what if is some situations I'd rather counterspell Darkness? As in you know REACTIONS? What you're suggesting would basically work (and barelly) if I knew already what spells, enemies and enviroment I can expect in the combat ahead. Hard no. I'd prefer current non-system to presets. But the best system for me is actual reactions as Solasta does them.