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That is not how I've understood the "pause to react" system (which might be a better name than "QTE"). I understood it as you *only* take reactions If and When you pause the game to activate one, in response to some incoming enemy action. If I've misunderstood, and what was actually being suggested was a slow-down leading into a full pause - I like that much more.
Nah, that was never suggested as a reaction system in general.
That was something that I (tentatively) suggested myself as a solution to use ONLY for a couple of specific skills that the player should allegedly be able to call at any given moment in the tabletop. What I was tentatively calling an INTERRUPT system.

Every person I've seen talking about "QTE reactions" was basically describing a variation of what Composer did with that picture: "confirmation prompt presented in a fancy way". Nothing more, nothing less.
Not dissimilar from when I suggested to take a page from XCOM 2 and its dramatic slowdowns/zoom ins... Except I never called it a "QTE system" myself, because it's a very unfortunate way to describe it, that evokes a very different idea (i.e. having a limited amount of time to react, etc).

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