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Convoluted? lol. That's hilarious. How is this convoluted?:I
Bruh. How is it not convoluted? Enemy Current HP > X. First of all, it's not even clear if we'll have the enemy hp visible to us at all difficulty levels. Secondly, it depends on the enemy. If a dragon has 15 hp remaining, I'd spent my spell slot for Smite, if it's a goblin with those same 15 hp, I would not. It has to be a VERY complicated and convoluted if-else system to be at least somehow close to what actual reactions can provide. Or let's take Counterspell. You expect a new player (or any player for that matter) to go through 400+ spells to tune the reaction? And what if in some cases I would want to counter Shield and not in others? Reload the combat and tune the preaction beforehand? Nah.

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A prompt like Composer posted would be a HUGE improvement to the Solasta style reactions.
It can't be a huge improvement because they are functionally the same thing just with different graphical coating.

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Don't take it so personally. I'm not saying that the system you put so much effort into is necessarily poor for what is attempting to do. I'm telling you that what it's attempting to do is NOT a desirable result for me.
You are offering me an alternative that in so many ways feel WAY worse than the problem it's supposed to address.