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You* are going out of your way to deprive me of something I like (REACTING to things that happen) by giving me as an alternative something that I would not enjoy doing (speculating ahead and setting up a script based on predictions).
Thanks, I guess..?

* NOTE: with "you" I mean whoever suggests an alternate system, not talking about anyone in particular.
I think a key point of alternate suggestions is that almost any reaction system is better than BG3's current implementation of reactions. So if Larian, for whatever reason, *won't* implement prompts for reactions, then they still need to do something to improve the system.

For the record, I consider prompts for most reactions (probably not for abilities that would activate too frequently. E.g., Smite and Cutting Words) to be the overwhelmingly superior option.

Counterspell, although it *could* trigger very frequently, is powerful enough that a prompt would be worth it imo. After all, it uses a 3rd level spell slot AND has the potential to negate a very-important enemy action; I definitely want full control over it's use.