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Rogue gets attacked by 2 goblins and Ragzlin. Rogue is promoted 3 times because all 3 hit, but he saves it for Ragzlin. Could be easily done away with by a preset. Goblins do 10 max. Set preset to 11 or more damage from enemy triggers Uncanny Dodge.
How would I know that the upcoming battle includes weak enemies who would do exactly 10 damage to my rogue max as well as a stronger enemy? Also, what if the rogue has 6 hp left and a goblin strikes him? What if the boss of the group goes first, does nothing to my rogue, and then some weaker goblin deals damage - I'd like to be able to lower it as dnd5e reaction system allows.

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Wizards cast petty low level spells you DON'T want to counter. There are 3 of them. 3 prompts that turn.
1) Even low spells can be worth countering, depends on the situation. And as I don't know the situation ahead, I want to be able to REACT to it with my counterspell.
2) Good. I like prompts. I like having controll.

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