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Rogue gets attacked by 2 goblins and Ragzlin. Rogue is promoted 3 times because all 3 hit, but he saves it for Ragzlin. Could be easily done away with by a preset. Goblins do 10 max. Set preset to 11 or more damage from enemy triggers Uncanny Dodge.
How would I know that the upcoming battle includes weak enemies who would do exactly 10 damage to my rogue max as well as a stronger enemy? Also, what if the rogue has 6 hp left and a goblin strikes him? What if the boss of the group goes first, does nothing to my rogue, and then some weaker goblin deals damage - I'd like to be able to lower it as dnd5e reaction system allows.

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Wizards cast petty low level spells you DON'T want to counter. There are 3 of them. 3 prompts that turn.
1) Even low spells can be worth countering, depends on the situation. And as I don't know the situation ahead, I want to be able to REACT to it with my counterspell.
2) Good. I like prompts. I like having controll.

You set the preset to what you prefer. So, for Uncanny Dodge, you say to yourself before a battle starts, "When would I prefer my rogue to use Uncanny Dodge? Would I want him to waste his reaction on something like 5 damage to reduce it to 2? Or would I rather have him use his reaction for Uncanny Dodge only if the damage done to him is actually worth something?" So, what's worth it to you? That's the concept. You set it for something like 10 so that if an enemy does MORE than 10 - not EXACTLY 10 - it'll automatically trigger the reaction. 10 or less, why bother? Right? I mean, even 10 damage is only 5 if you use Uncanny Dodge. That's nothing compared to the 40 the Matriarch can take off. THAT'S who you want to save it for.

I look at the presets like someone animating a cartoon like they used to when cartoons first came out as opposed to animating them like they do with computers today. You can either take the long road to slowly draw each page one page at a time, or you can use a computer to speed up the process tremendously. You're still going to get roughly the same result. It's just one method is quicker. Sure, the old method produces some beautiful works of art, while the new method is a bit more cookie cutter. However, you still get roughly the same result MUCH faster.

Think of it like this. Phase spider attacks your rogue. He does 20 damage. Prompt appears. You click Yes. Why? Because he did significant damage and it's worth using his reaction. Same exact result as the preset except that the preset made it so I wouldn't have to pause combat for a few seconds and click Yes. I took a few seconds to set my preset when I first got Uncanny Dodge, and it just takes care of it for me. Any time any enemy does more than 10 damage, the reaction triggers. And that's how I'd probably do it anyway. I wouldn't want to waste his reaction on 10 damage or less. I'd probably want to save that for AOO. And there would be more than 1 preset so you can set it to your preference.

And again, I'm not even saying that it has to be ALL prompts or ALL presets. Maybe a blending of the two would be best. Some presets cut out some needless reaction prompts. AOO is the primary reaction, and it could easily be managed with presets. All Enemies, Selected Enemies, Enemies with Current HP > X... whatever. You don't need prompts for AOO. Most of the time you're going to want to take that swing at your enemy who is leaving melee without disengaging.

And again, Counterspell. By the Nine! I absolutely do not want them to implement that with a popup every time a spellcaster casts any kind of spell. Gods! Imagine the Grove Battle against the Shadow Druids. Kagha casts a spell. Counterspell? Olodan casts a spell. Counterspell? Shadow Druid 1 casts a spell. Counterspell? And most of them are things like Barkskin or whatever. I think you guys aren't thinking about how many actual spellcasters there are in BG3. There are a lot of them, and it's just EA. Counterspell, again, works on ALL spells including druids and clerics and bards and such and including scrolls. It'd be a lot more prompts than you think. At least have some presets to cut out spells that YOU, the player, would think aren't necessary to prompt - like Fire Bolt and Minor Illusion and Healing Word. Remember, YOU would decide the spell list. So, if you think Fire Bolt is something you'd actually want to count - maybe because there's a barrel of explosive powder in the room you're entering - then fine. Enable it so it prompts you. But don't make it so that every single spell including cantrips that is ever cast will prompt you in this game. That really is going to be bad.