Something I really like about Solasta system, is how impactful it felt. You are about to be hit BAM, shield. You hit an enemy with pallading, BAM smite using 2nd level. I knew what I am using, why I am using, and what benefit and options I have when using it.

The main benefit of using turn based system, is that actions and their consequences can be highlighted in the way they can't be in a RTwP. I don't understand why Larian uses D&D, turn based combat, and then muddies up combat mechanics as much as they can. Weird percentage chance to hit translation, with vague plusses and minuses. Not showing what we rolled. Reactions are outomated, out of our control, and incredibly unclear.

How is it that same game embraces dice rolls and modifiers to a fault in skill checks and does 180 for combat. Is no one on the team in conversation with one another? Is so one overseeing the project as a whole?