Putting this here as well as it relates.

I agree that the best solution is most likely the Solasta/Composer one on this Megathread. It gives absolute full control to the player, and as Niara had pointed out, reactions only cause prompts when the right conditions are met. It isn't constant or even super frequent.

Also, Reactions done properly actually allow players to PLAY the game during enemy turns instead of always just watching the game play out. Although I still think presets could work, it is as a few said at one point. Presets mean you just watch the combat. Prompts mean you get to participate. So presets, imo, would be a secondary option if for some reason prompts that interrupt would be the primary solution.

Think about it. One of the purposes of Reactions is so that players aren't just sitting there the whole time watching the DM move and act for all his/her minions. Players can actually be more involved even when it's not their turn.

And new players NEED reaction prompts. Otherwise, they won't have a clue what their characters are doing and why. They can't properly strategize with reactions if they are clueless as to how they work. Prompts at least help them work through it.

Yeah, so many reasons for the prompt system.