There are so many things in this game where I think, 'how did they go from DOS:2 to this?'. DOS:2 was amazing no doubt, but the cinematic style, the companion interactions and party banter, the way the entire game can feel different right from the start, both from a gameplay AND story perspective based on your early choices. I find it pretty mindblowing the generational leap they have made.

Some of the things I LOVE is they finally have companion Banter, in DOS:2 they didn't even bother to really acknowledge anyone else's existence except for the main character, whereas here they are constantly bickering, disagreeing and actually have impact to your party as oppose to just being 'along for the ride'.

BG3 really feels like Divinity Original Sin, and Biowares best RPGS, had a baby and created this game.

Now I know we all have complaints, I myself have posted my own suggestions, but I can't deny the leap from DOS2: to BG3, it's weird how it can feel similar, but at the same time completely different.

You're heading in a good direction here Larian, keep it up we are all rooting for you : )