I thought so originally. There is definitely a lot of Dragon Age influence - if it is good or bad will depend of what you think of those series (for me the series are at the bottom of BioWare catalog - can't speak for shattered steel, Andromeda and Anthem).

BG3 does indeed feel different, but mostly because of how confused it is as to what experience it tries to deliver - I though D:OS2 already had a bit of that problem compared to "pure" D:OS1 but here the conflict is very distracting. It is either too much or not enough like D:OSs. At the same time, BG3 does try to be more of an RPG that I would have an interest with, so I am likely to enjoy it more then I did D:OS2. Will it be a better game though? I think it might not be.

I don't think BG3 is expanding on D:OS2 formula - rather delivering a shallower version of it. I don't think it is delivering on BioWare formula either - but hey Inquisition was received well and I can't slog my way through this boring, buggy mess, so what do I know.

Edit2. BG3 is definitely a far higher budget production and jump in fidelity is noticeable - if that's what you mean.

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